Singapore Airshow 2016 Public Days Static displays

SG Airshow2016

The trade days of the Singapore Airshow has came to an end on Friday. The Singapore Airshow 2016 are now opened to all with tickets. The last day of the Singapore Airshow is 21 Feb 2016.

Here are the static display highlights of the military birds (a name given to military aircraft). .more

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Singapore Airshow 2016 - What are to be expected?

SG Airshow 2016

This coming Saturday and Sunday (20 & 21 Feb 2016) the Singapore Airshow 2016 is opened to the general public. Many visitors who are planning to visit the Singapore Airshow 2016 will be excited to visit this once every two years event. 

During the event, majority of the crowd is excited to see the flying display. The static displays will be another eye opener for family with children. Some of the static displays are opened for the public to board and to take photographs..more

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ANA R2-D2 Livery B787-900 Dreamliner (JA873A), Singapore Tour

Star Wars fans, All Nippon Airways (ANA) is flying the first Star Wars livery aircraft into Singapore on 12 November 2015. Singapore Changi Airport is the first Asian airport outside Japan to welcome the R2-D2TM ANA jet. 

Courtesy of Woodys Aeroimages

This special flight to Singapore is chartered by JTB Japan. This plane will make a two-night stop at Changi Airport. According the joint official press release by ANA and Changi Airport Group (CAG), a special event will be held for fans on 14 November 2015.

40 winners will get a three-hour experience on-board the B787, on the ground. From now until 25 October 2015, fans can win a pair of tickets to enjoy a tour of this R2-D2TM ANA jet. A total of 40 tickets are up for grab.

What winners can expect

  • Enjoy one of the movies from the Star Wars saga
  • Enjoy an in-flight meal in the comfort of a business class seat
  • Goodie bags filled with limited-edition commemorative merchandise

For more details or to participate in the online contests, visit ANA’s website at and Changi Airport’s Facebook page

May the force be with you.

Apart from domestic routes, the R2-D2TM ANA jet has been scheduled to fly between Tokyo and Vancouver in Canada, Seattle and San Jose in the US, Munich, Paris and Brussels in Europe, Sydney in Australia, Beijing in China and Jakarta in Indonesia.

For aircraft fans, if you want more details, please visit

All Nippon Airways (ANA) new B787-9 Dreamliner with Star Wars Livery

Star wars fans please stand-by. All Nippon Airways (ANA) has just rolled out a new Boeing 787-9 dreamliner with Star Wars R2-D2 livery. This plane is just delivered to ANA, arriving at Haneda on 02 Oct 2015. Its registration number is JA873A, Line Number 345 and MSN 34530. The plane first flight was on 02 Sep 2015.

Courtesy of  Tomoya Koyanai


This plane will arrive in Singapore with flight number NH1969 on  12 Nov 2015 (0900Hours) and a special Star wars Event will be held at Changi Airport on 14 Nov 2015. We will update you with the event once we receive further details.

The video of the painting was taken at Everett, Washington facility where the paint shop is located. 

After the B787-9, two more ANA’s planes will have Star Wars livery. They are the B767-300 (B763) BB8 in November 2015 and B777-300ER (B77W) R2-D2 in March 2016.

Date to remember: 12 Nov 2015 

Venue: Changi Airport

40 tickets are up for grab to experience this ANA R2-D2 Dreamliner in Singapore. More detail: