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SQ368 Right Wing Caught Fire on Landing.

Breaking news

Singapore Airline Flight SQ368 (9V-SWB) made an air turn back in the BKK FIR and landed at Singapore Changi Airport at around 26 Jun 2016 2248z according to the flight radar. It was reported that the engine caught fire and spread to the wing after touching down. There was 241POB, and zero casualties was reported

9V-SWB wing and engine on fire Photo by passenger: Douglas Yew

With video and photos available online, the right wings, flaps and leading edges were badly burnt.  The fire was put out by the Airport Emergency Service and the passengers disembarked thought the stair and was transferred to the airport by bus.

9V-SWB burnt wing and flaps Photo by passenger: Steve Herman

The cause of fire is currently under investigation.

Additional Report

There are many discussions online to whether to evacuate the passengers using the left side doors. There are many factors to be considered, and ultimately is the safety of the passengers.

It may become chaotic quickly during the evacuation with the emergency response vehicles rushing to the scene and likely only the 1 & 5 Left doors are usable.  Once evacuated, crews must ensure that the passengers move away from the flame and toward upwind.  Therefore the crews and pilots must weight in these risk factors against keeping passengers aboard, with the wing on fire.