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Two Air France aircraft collided while taxiing

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An Air France Boeing 777-300ER (Registration F-GZNT) left wing struck the rudder of another Air France Airbus A320 (Registration F-GKXJ) while taxiing after landing at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport on 11 May 2016.

F-GZNT B77w. Image by twitter user - nolitomaikonen

The Boeing 77W arrived from Dakar, Senegal at 0400z 11 May 2016. It was updated by our source that the B77W was on tow to a remote location after all passenger and crew had disembarked.[1}

F-GKFJ A320 with rudder clipped. Image by twitter user - nolitomaikonen

The A320 was believed to be moving to the gate where it will fly flight AF1084 to Tunis.[1]

The METAR obtained is as followed

LFPG 110400Z 14003KT 110V170 0250 R27L/0550N R09R/0800N
R26R/0600N R08L/0600U R26L/0600N R08R/0500N R27R/0550N
R09L/0600N FG VV/// 13/13 Q1004 NOSIG

From the METAR and photos the condition was foggy, visibility was 250 m. We will update further when more information is available. 


[1] Information was edited several time by a contributer. Time is believed to be user local time.