Boeing 737-800 Flight Simulator - Public Access


Before 11 September 2001, pilots may allow children to visit the cockpit. Many children are always curious about how an aircraft flies and the look of a cockpit.  The current regulations only permit cockpit access to crew members.

Nevertheless in Singapore, we are able to bring our kids to flight simulators such as Flight Experience at Singapore flyer. The static flight simulator operated by Flight Experience is a fully functional Boeing 737-800 simulator.

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SQ368 Right Wing Caught Fire on Landing.

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Singapore Airline Flight SQ368 (9V-SWB) made an air turn back in the BKK FIR and landed at Singapore Changi Airport at around 26 Jun 2016 2248z according to the flight radar. It was reported that the engine caught fire and spread to the wing after touching down. There was 241POB, and zero casualties was reported

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Breaking - Singapore Airline SQ16 (9V-SWP) had an high speed Reject Take Off on 5 May 2016

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Corrected for date and time

On 5 May 2016 about 1750 (GMT +9), due to an runway incursion by Korean Air (Airbus A332; Registration HL8276) operating flight KAL929  bound for Saint Petersburg, Singapore Airlines pilots had to make an RTO after their take off clearance was cancelled. 

Singapore Airlines Boeing B777-300ER (Registration number 9V-SWP) was cleared for take-off at runway 15R at Incheon and was accelerating on the runway when the Korean Air's Airbus A330-200 made an runway incursion at the endpoint of runway 15R from Tawiway G.

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